Senator John Moolenaar

In the United States House of Representatives, John Moolenaar serves the 4th Congressional District in Michigan. Born and raised in Midland, Michigan, Moolenaar, 53, and his wife Amy are the parents of six children. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Michigan’s Hope College and his master’s degree from Harvard University.

After completing his education, he worked for Dow Chemical where his sphere of influence was in developing new products. Then, he served as director of the Small Business Center for the Middle Michigan Development Corporation.

His election to the Midland City Council was his first venture into politics. From a council member, Michigan voters sent him into the Michigan House of Representatives; from there, they promoted him to the Michigan Senate.

While a member of the Michigan House of Representatives, the Michigan Townships Association honored him with the Legislature of the Year Award. Subsequently, for his service to agriculture, the Michigan Farm Bureau awarded him their Silver Plow Award.

Moreover, while in the Michigan House of Representatives, Moolenaar served on the appropriations committee and the committee for education, energy, and technology.

As a member of Michigan’s Senate, he served as a member of the Capital Outlay and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Appropriations subcommittee. Moolenar also chaired the Senate Veterans Military Affairs and Homeland Security Committee.

Also, as a Michigan Senator, Moolenaar served on the Senate Redistricting Committee, and the Senate Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Committee.

As Michigan’s new senator in Washington DC, Moolenaar intends to promote the same conservative fiscal values he did while a member of Michigan’s House of Representatives.

His faith in America is such that he’ll pursue all avenues to reclaim its values. He’ll work to renovate every American’s belief they can succeed through hard work. To fortify this belief, he’ll fight for a balanced budget, to reduce the national debt, to repeal Obamacare, and to review the tax code.

He’s convinced those four demons of success saddle hard-working Americans with an overpowering strain, which weighs on each new generation. Furthermore, he’ll strive to provide the United States military with what’s necessary to protect the United States of America.

He also feels the need to do what’s necessary to assure all service personnel have a passageway to return to normal life as a civilian.

Two other issues on his agenda are passage of the Keystone Pipeline and defeating ISIS.

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